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Case Study

How automation aids a client from Transit industry in increasing productivity

Client Background

The Client a leading transit provider, in North America operates the largest intercity bus transportation, serving 2400 passengers, with a modern, environmentally friendly fleet.


The Client receives multiple calls related to accidents, incident reporting, and safety reasons. All the information had to be entered manually, in word or excel sheet, which leads to missing some of the crucial information. This manual process would be susceptible to costly human errors, arduous, time-consuming and very outdated. There was a big lag between the report time and response time. With the high call volume, the manual work hours required were high too due to lack of proper workflow management.


Seanergy developed web forms for workflow management and has automated the entire reporting process – from the report time through to the response time – with its team now easily able to change reports on-the-fly. Not only avoid the arduous nature of manually compiling error-prone spreadsheet-based reports for every incident reported, but it also recoups three days worth of lost productivity each month. Removing the manual manipulation of data within its reporting processes has also reduced the risk of human error, meaning the clients benefit from more accurate reporting.


The Client enjoys a superior reporting experience, able to view detailed reports on incidents reported, whilst also benefiting from enhanced levels of interactivity, they also helped to increase revenue.

  • Move the department towards a paperless workflow
  • Increase the speed of data availability
  • Control administrative and clerical costs

Solution Highlights


Paperless work flow


Improved Services


Data accuracy