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Case Study

A transportation company finding new paths to gain unified access into all the segregated data

Client Background

The Client is a global leader in the passenger transportation industry is Europe's largest public transportation operator with revenue of over 6.7 billion (54,600 employees) and operates in 15 countries from 4 continents.


The client required an Analytics solution that enables aggregated data from different internal reporting systems across geographies. They had no quick and easy data analysis process for getting those insights to clients. The challenge was to login to different portals to monitor the performance. There was no unified data source which meets the client requirements and keeps them informed about the performance, provides them with a user interface where they could view the majority of reporting features, which were detailed and fragmented. The Client needed a consolidated multi-level aggregation of data to track the performance metrics.


Developed a user interface where different roles within the organization were allowed to see different levels of data aggregation. The resulting system provided a single set of reports which rendered a different view depending on the user’s job function and line of business focus. At the highest level of summarization, the corporation could look through their entire portfolio and evaluate the company’s comprehensive performance.


The client streamlined and automated the business processes and could gain insights to track immediate performance improvements, at significantly lower costs. Our new controlling system automated existing reporting structures across multiple sources. At the same time, raise the frequency of reporting: With crucial performance indicators available, the staff was able to spring into action whenever a deviation occurred. On top of it all, the client significantly reduce their manual workload.

Solution Highlights


Hike in operational performance


Reduction in manual effort


Improvement in profitability


Reduction in break downs & Maintenance times