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Case Study

A Logistic Company Adapting new methodologies to address shipment delivery issues

Client Background

Texas Based Third-party logistics company which was founded in the year 1994 and continued its growth with a tenured Fortune 500 client base. Provides Global, Domestic and Customized logistic solutions.


The client a third-party logistics provider had an issue in shipment delivery. Tracking different customers, routes, the workforce was a tedious task. Safety of shipments like damage, loss, fraud, and risk has been a serious concern. Adding to the woes the supply vendor performance was not satisfactory to improve the supply chain efficiency. All in all Data analysis for getting insights from multiple source systems across geographies


Built Analytical Dashboards by identifying, analyzing, extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data into data warehouse objects designed to optimize reporting and analytics efforts. Evaluating the number of shipments for a day, a week or a month, and find general patterns, to plan a budget, staffing schedule accordingly and also route paths to optimize their costs and timely delivery.


A web-based solution for deep insight into logistics performance at various levels with information around freights, warehouses, products, delivery. Smart KPIs with predictive analysis for quick decision making. Mobile enablement helps customer believe in delivery and organization. Overall, one-stop solution for business, revenue increase, decision making, ad-hoc reporting, etc. Customer satisfaction.

Solution Highlights


Raise in vendor performance


Increase in internal Operational team’s performance


Increase in On-time shipment delivery