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Case Study

How Seanergy developed a web app helped the companies increase their operations

Client Background

The Client designs deploy and coordinate passenger transportation solutions for a full range of clients, including governmental agencies, medical and senior care organizations, airports, transit authorities, the private sector, and the individual consumer.


The Client initially operated the system manually and suffered from poor route planning, bus-bunching, excessive waiting time, stop skipping and inconvenient or inconsistent cash collection. A lack of transparency also resulted in higher operating cost and customer complaints. The Client was keen to upgrade to a technology which helps him automate operations, scheduling & Dispatch


A Web application built to automate the operations, planning, Dispatch and scheduling, maintenance, and dispatch.


The web app gives a detailed report of the fleet availability, maintenance, coach availability helping in reducing operational costs, manual efforts and accuracy. This helped attain greater operational control of their system.

Solution Highlights


Increased customer satisfaction


Reduced overall paratransit operating costs


A decrease in human errors