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Analytics for every user

Analytics is often called an “umbrella term” and refers to the technologies and activities that extract meaning out of large sets of data. As we are moving towards the automation today’s data analysts spend most of their time manually creating reports and responding to requests from the business. They have to follow a number of steps for manual data discovery, which could result in inaccurate data and error reports. Skip the data preparation nightmare. Collecting and preparing your data is the starting point for all that is business intelligence, and a lot of effort is spent just on that. Analytics must keep evolving, improving, and adapting to key business agility trends in the age of the customer as well as help enterprises become more insights driven. Eliminate human bias with system-generated discoveries.

Markets are flooded with companies offering BI end-to-end technology that allows non-technical users to easily join large datasets from multiple sources, and create one neat and centralized repository of all data Join multiple data sources with a simple drag & drop– no scripting, no expensive hardware, and little to no help from IT. Adios to the tedious work of standardizing data before we can start to analyze it, and head straight to visualization and insights.Create a single version of the truth with perfect data